Vartec Tools Co.,Ltd Vartec Tools Co.,Ltd. Was founded since 2008. By vendor item categories, mechanic tools " Cutting Tools " are the main in the industry group. Next we have a representative in the vendor of "Walter" item this is an item from a country Germany. The items in the group are : Insert, End mill, Reamer, Tap and others.

Next, the company forsee curent business is in the race. The customer is required to produce the product faster with higher quality. The company has started to produce special tools so as to response to the needs of the customer the items are : Special PCD Insert , Step Drill, Special Tools and others.

Currently , the company has expaned more by import mechanic tools form the country of Taiwan Korea and others, including a production piece is the way customer want. Produce all this Jig & fixture in response to the needs of the customer.